There is no place like Metzger’s German Restaurant

Wilhelm Metzger standing in front of Metzger’s German Restaurant.

O Schwarzwaldalte Heimat, wie bist du so schön.

O Black Forest, our Home, you are so beautiful.

1923. Wilhelm Metzger leaves home—home, Bavaria’s phantom firs and cider presses—for a new life in Ann Arbor. He brought with him a Teutonic work ethic and a penchant for cooking good, rib-busting food and warm beer. He, too, brought his family, and with them established a restaurant that, 82 years later, embraces the same Bavarian values. Home became Metzger’s German Restaurant, a scrubbed counter, and plates of sauerbraten, rouladen and cucumber salads. But, no matter the place, home always meant family.

It still does. Just ask John.
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Bernie Goldberg gets it

You wouldn’t think so, considering his long career in broadcast journalism, but Bernard Goldberg understands that the pervasive bigotry infecting mainstream media is based on class, or to be more specific, “working class.” Progressive group-think in newsrooms—and virtually all forms of American media—largely dismisses suburban and rural Americans as unsophisticated bumpkins, and worse, as intolerant, shallow and mean-spirited.

His 2001 best-seller, Bias, was the first publication to “out” the ingrained elitism in major American media, including The New York Times, Washington Post, and network news organizations. Following the publication of his book, he was derided and shunned by his former peers.
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