Hyphenated Americanism: The demise of our national identity

Chances are you don’t go through life questioning your self identity. Our culture, a melding of family and community values, religious convictions and where we grow up—determines who we are. Always has, always will.

Yet to some, this is simply not so. They divvy our identity into hyphens and asterisks; using gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity to carve a crevice into our essential character. Lizzie from Peoria is redefined as a hyphenated Indian-American, asterisked single parent. In one rhetorical stroke, Lizzie is fragmented into pieces detaching her from the greater population; a rank tactic long used by demagogues to foment suspicion and hatred. [Read more…]

WEEKLY MEME MASH: America, the gosh-darn exceptional

Being decent has its drawbacks—just ask Mitt Romney. The New York Times dedicated two pages in last week’s Sunday edition to his lack of cool, jeering the Governor’s “1950’s language” and “Gomer Pyle routine” for being “old timey.” We beg to differ. American values are not fickle; our core beliefs are not seasonal like Baskin Robbins’ flavor of the month.

For that reason, we are poking an eye at the stereotypes of conservatives and dedicating our WEEKLY MEME MASH to images that celebrate our gosh-darn exceptionalism as well as satirize the critics of “old timey” American culture. Because, to quote Huey Lewis, we believe “it’s hip to be square.”

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#HASHTAGPOLITICS: The Fluking of America

Our nation is more than $16 trillion in debt. With stubbornly high unemployment, 23 million Americans are out of work while millions more settle for part-time jobs; half of college graduates can’t find work at all and are moving back in with their parents. Nearly a quarter of homeowners are underwater with their mortgages. The Middle East is in a free fall, Iran is fast-tracking its nuclear capability and instead of Al Qaeda being on the run, they are killing our ambassadors and grooming more terrorists. Medicare is going broke yet it is being pillaged to help fund Obamacare.

Regardless of political leanings, reasonable people can agree that we need a serious dialogue on how to confront America’s myriad challenges. Instead what are we getting—particularly from the supporters of President Obama—are fabricated fripperies irresponsibly disseminated in the mainstream media, instant websites, memes, Twitter hashtags, and Facebook pages. Vile comments and images are spreading like maggots on roadkill. Call it the Fluking of America.
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WEEKLY MEME MASH: Binders, Benghazi and women, oh my!

The dim bulbs who feigned outrage because of Romney’s “binders full of women” comment in the second presidential debate—which, by the way was not at all offensive— would likely be aghast at our weekly meme mash collection. No, we haven’t posted hateful, demeaning or gross images, but we certainly do enjoy exposing lunacy and hypocrisy, even when it’s “not optimal.”

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CULTURE BITS: Fixing the unfairness of affirmative action

Allessandra Bradley-Burns freely acknowledges she is a successful woman. The self-described “innovator and strategist” and “Huffington Post” contributor credits her elite education at Georgetown‘s Schools of Foreign Service and Medicine for paving the way.

But there’s a caveat: Bradley-Burns, an African American, was accepted to Georgetown through an affirmative action program. She didn’t come from a deprived background—far from it. Attending top-flight primary schools, she grew up blissfully upper-middle class in a community comprised of “doctors, lawyers, professors and architects” yet is indignant at any suggestion she didn’t deserve the special privileges extended to her. [Read more…]

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