WEEKLY MEME MASH: Where’s the leadership?

In between office parties and baking cookies, Americans are giving only a passing glance to how Washington is handling the nation’s fiscal future. Maybe we should be paying a bit more attention.

Just what are the President and Congress doing to avert a financial free fall? Well, to quote Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, it’s the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend. Sticking it to the rich and vilifying conservatives as heartless cads, President Obama is proposing $1.61 trillion in spending and tax increases versus $400 billion in cuts, which would reduce the deficit a meager eight cents on every dollar spent. Republicans, with limited leverage, are cannibalizing each other as they debate an achievable alternative. Meanwhile, threats and accusations from both sides are running amuck.


But we won’t let the Grinch steal our Christmas joy! In the spirit of the season, our WEEKLY MEME MASH is in honor (er, maybe “honor” isn’t exactly the right word) of the leadership shown by our elected officials. We could use the laughs…

Leading the sheep

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Lena Dunham as the privileged spoiled hedonistic girl next door

Wire Image

Lena Dunham has been anointed as the “voice of a generation.” Despite the fact that she’s largely unknown, the media is gushing over the 26-year-old creator and star of the HBO series Girls and electoral virgin of Barack Obama’s “Your First Time” ad.

Glamour, which named Dunham as a recipient of the magazine’s “2012 Women of the Year” award, calls her one of the most “powerful women in Hollywood.” After an intense publishing bidding war, Random House is paying her a $3.7 million advance to share her wisdom on life. No joke.

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WEEKLY MEME MASH: Four more years of hope and change

Welcome back, America. As the year closes we face a looming fiscal cliff, jittery stock market, $16 trillion debt and climbing, Benghazi, sex-crazed generals, and hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians. Voters reelected Mr. Obama and whether or not 58 million of us think he is the best man for the job, these issues now rest on his shoulders.

That is why our WEEKLY MEME MASH is dedicated to you, Mr. President, and all those Americans who voted for four more years of hope and change. Good luck. We’re all going to need it.

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Is Obama’s reelection the death of iconic American culture? Not so fast.

You can almost hear the goose stepping coming up the street. The reelection of Barack Obama is less than two weeks old and already his acolytes are wasting no time marching the losers to their demographic graves. Beaver Cleaver is doomed; Opie and Donna Reed are right behind. [Read more…]

CLASSIC PHOTO MASH: In honor of our veterans

Veterans Day was originally established to mark the Armistice ending World War I, the “war to end all wars.” Sadly, hundreds of thousands of young Americans have died in subsequent conflicts since that time in Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe. Let us take a moment to honor their duty and sacrifices in their quest to preserve the freedom of Americans anf millions of other people throughout the globe.

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