The new anti-establishment conservative: Fighting the liberal bully machine

Fighting the establishment doesn’t come naturally to conservatives. Playing by the rules, we don’t rage against the machine—we embody it. By contrast, liberals, so smug and high-minded, identify themselves as the undisputed guardians of righteousness: Hope, change, compassion, acceptance, tolerance. And cool, so damn cool. Now, that’s progressive.

Funny thing about conventional wisdom, especially when you’re the one defining it. Sometimes it just isn’t true. The left in America controls the Presidency and Senate, mass media, entertainment and academia; our politics, press, culture and education. Think about it. Beyond the vulgarities, ridiculing traditional values and exploiting the downtrodden—it is clear liberals have become the establishment they so loathe.

They are the “man.” [Read more…]

“Downton Abbey”: How a group of stuffy Brits have revived television romance

Mary and Matthew and Adam and Hannah.

“Downton Abbey” v. “Girls.”
Via Downton Abbey Online and TV Fanatic

What could a group of reticent British aristocrats teach their American cousins, wearied by hours of crude television shows, about love and romance?

Plenty, it seems.

Two hours after the premiere of PBS’ period drama soap “Downton Abbey” on Sunday, January 6, the usually cynical Rolling Stone pop culture writer Sean T. Collins gushed. A fan of David Bowie, aliens, raunchy comics, and indie music, Collins retells the sweetest scene from the episode. [Read more…]

Go ahead, make my day: Project Veritas exposes media gun control hypocrites [VIDEO]

Undercover video screensnapWhat? Liberal journalists being exposed as HYPOCRITES?! I know, I know, hard to believe, but…

In late December, The Journal News published an interactive  map  (which has since been removed) along with the names and addresses of law-abiding gun owners in suburban New York City’s Westchester and Rockland counties. Not only were the gun owners incensed for privacy reasons, others–prosecutors, judges, or others who are hiding from stalkers or violent ex-spouses–fear for their safety. [Read more…]

Media’s two Americas: “Buckwild” vs. “Washington Heights”

"Buckwild" ~ MTV

“Buckwild” ~ MTV

Two Americas exist in the imaginings of popular entertainment and media. One is a multicultural utopia cosseted in mawkish high-mindedness; the other makes Thomas Hobbes description of humanity as “poor, nasty, (and) brutish,” sound overly optimistic.

MTV’s newest reality shows “Buckwild” and “Washington Heights” cynically indulge both stereotypes. For anyone inclined to tune in, be forewarned: This is elitist exploitation at its contemptible worst. [Read more…]

WEEKLY QUOTE MASH: Will Rogers was (is) right

Will RogersWill Rogers was the quintessential American. Despite being a high-school drop-out, the self-described Cherokee cowboy was an accomplished author/journalist/humorist/actor who enjoyed world-wide fame until his untimely death in a 1935 plane crash. He was witty, blunt, both liberal and innately conservative, compassionate, humble and hardworking—simply the best of who we are.

Nearly 90 years later, Rogers’ observations on public policy and leadership continue to ring loud and clear. Let’s hope America is listening…

Will Rogers on stupidity [Read more…]

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