Stop the excuses: Killer Christopher Dorner is no hero

Christopher Dorner’s victims (clockwise): Monica Quan, Keith Lawrence, Jeremiah MacKay and Michael Crain. Photo:The New York Daily News

Christopher Dorner’s victims (clockwise): Monica Quan, Keith Lawrence, Jeremiah MacKay and Michael Crain.             Photo: The New York Daily News

After four murders and a manhunt that ended with his suicide and a widely televised cabin fire, Christopher Dorner gained thousands of new fans. This is the man who assassinated a 27-year-old woman, her fiancé and two police officers because of a years-old beef with the Los Angeles Police Department. Blaming racism for his dismissal, the ex-cop wrote a rambling manifesto that paradoxically called for stiffer gun control laws.

Unhinged? “I sort of expected it,” said a former girlfriend. [Read more…]

Messaging in the Obama age: 140 characters and live theatre

State of the UnionAnyone who watched or listened to President Obama’s State of the Union address will recognize the oratorical flip of the failed manager: “I haven’t delivered what I promised, I’ve created more problems than I’ve solved, but here’s a great list of things I can do in the next three years if you all fall in line uncritically.” That plus the emotional appeals—“Dead children are a bad thing“—and the “spontaneous” audience participation made him appear more like an accomplished stage performer at Ozzfest than the leader of the United States. [Read more…]

FLYOVER QUOTE MASH: American perspectives, circa 2013

Leave the shrieking to Maddow and Matthews, the scurrilous accusations to Maher, Media Matters, Bashir, The New York Times, and the slobbering Obama acolytes. The demagoguery they spew painting conservatives as a racist band of dying white brothers may assuage their hate-mongering base but will do little to inspire the hearts and minds of our great nation.

That challenge is best left to those whose ideals expand beyond pandering to the chosen few. And contrary to conventional wisdom, the individuals who respect the intelligence and values of the American people are not progressives, liberals or leftists; they are independents, libertarians and conservatives.

Starting today, we are sharing the words of today’s most intuitive thinkers, whether they be writers, commentators, business or military leaders, academics, or in the political arena. They are young, middle-aged and elderly, male and female; gay, heterosexual, black, Latino and white. In other words, Americans. All of us.

Marco Rubio-tired big government [Read more…]

Liberals brand patriotism as militaristic gimmickry. What would Reagan think?

Ronald_Reagan-sal2This week would have been the 102nd birthday of Ronald Reagan. Born above a general store in Tampico, Illinois, our 40th President personified our national spirit—hardworking, honest, independent, sometimes stubborn and always optimistic. He was an unwavering and unapologetic patriot whose love of country endeared him to millions of his fellow Americans and enraged our nation’s foes.

Thirty years later, however, Reagan’s kind of sunny patriotism is under attack. Not by international foes of old, but by malcontents on the American left who fear a chorus of “America the Beautiful” at a football game is “vaudeville that quiets political dissent.” You can’t make this stuff up. [Read more…]

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