Loser, loser: Jim Carrey’s cold, dead diatribe

Charlton Heston

Too bad famous people won’t stick to what they became famous for. If you write children’s books, don’t lecture me about class warfare. An actor, dancer, comedian, football player, rock star? Entertain me. Then please oh please, just shut up.

Simple enough, but an impossibility for many famous folks these days, which is unfortunate. They don’t get it. They actually believe we care what they think when, truth is, we only want to indulge the fantasy; how disappointing to see just how arrogant, clueless and dimwitted celebs are once they turn off the microphone and remove the makeup. Worse yet, through social media, they insult many of the people who make them rich. Go figure. [Read more…]

LEFTIST LUNACY: Obama retweets photo of Lennon’s bloody glasses

Barack Obama retweets image of Lennon's Bloody Glasses

Yoko Ono didn’t become the most loathed woman in rock history without reason. She is widely blamed for facilitating the break-up of the Beatles, transforming John Lennon from a rebel genius to a submissive exhibitionist relegated to staging awkward publicity stunts like their 1969 “Make Love, Not War” Bed-ins. Her shrill warbling vocals infested and infected his musical mojo; he and pop music never recovered. [Read more…]

FLYOVER QUOTE MASH: CPAC’s Generation Rock Stars

You know all that blather about conservatism being the philosophy of dying old white guys? Tell that to the attendees at this past weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Fifty-four percent of attendees were under 25-years-old; less than a quarter over the ripe old age of 40. Rising stars from Marco Rubio and Rand Paul to Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Kelly Ayotte, and Mia Love rocked the message of limited government and American Exceptionalism. [Read more…]

FLYOVER QUOTABLES: Straight talk. No bull.

Founding Fathers

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Liberal racism: Whacking the leftist myth of pan-cultural compassion

Obama Kool-AidWhat in the hell is going on with the American left?

Over-the-top rhetoric is nothing new in liberal circles; yet lately the tenor has been uglier than usual. Shrill cries from the mainstream press and pundits label traditionalists as “rubes,” or “pale, male and stale,” while their minions, dutifully guzzling the Kool-Aid, are trolling conservative websites shrieking about class, ethnic and gender warfare. [Read more…]

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