Barack Obama retweets image of Lennon's Bloody Glasses

Yoko Ono didn’t become the most loathed woman in rock history without reason. She is widely blamed for facilitating the break-up of the Beatles, transforming John Lennon from a rebel genius to a submissive exhibitionist relegated to staging awkward publicity stunts like their 1969 “Make Love, Not War” Bed-ins. Her shrill warbling vocals infested and infected his musical mojo; he and pop music never recovered.

Years after Lennon’s assassination by Mark Chapman, Yoko seized the opportunity to make cash, not love. She sold the priceless Beatles song catalog to Michael Jackson, as well as a rare home recording of her late husband’s “Real Love” to JC Penney.

Now 80-years-old, Yoko is still grasping for attention at the expense of Lennon’s dignity and common decency. This time, however, she has a willing accomplice—none other than President Barack Obama. Earlier this week, the oddball octogenarian took to Twitter to express her outrage over gun violence. Fair enough. But then she posted this:

John Lennon's bloody glasses

Yup, she tweeted a photo of the glasses her husband was wearing when he was shot in the head at point-blank range. As if that wasn’t depraved enough, the President of the United States retweeted the image on his Organizing for Action (@barackobama) Twitter Account. You could write off her tasteless, ghoulish photo to Yoko being Yoko; maybe even the onset of aged-related dementia.

What’s Obama’s excuse; is there no depth that he and his staff won’t descend to score political points? Apparently not. And they’ve got the blood on their photos to prove it.