America responds to the Boston terror attack: Patriotism, pure and simple

Boston Marathon bombing memorialAt Wednesday night’s Boston Bruins game, the crowd of 17,500 came for more than hockey. They sang our national anthem—all of them—loud, proud and clear, drowning out the featured singer. Drive around Boston this week and you’ll see flags displayed on houses and businesses while the image of Samuel Adams is being shared on social media by Millennials who, up to now, had thought he was only a beer.

Bostonians and Americans are saddened and angered, but they are also defiant, determined and, dare I say, patriotic. Everywhere you turn, the media punditry is noting our national resilience in this moment of shared mourning. That makes us Americans, they say. That makes us exceptional. [Read more…]

Who’s raising the kids? How leftist doctrine fails our children

Chicago wilding meleeThe Saturday evening before Easter, a mob of 500 teenagers menaced, punched, and assaulted shoppers and diners strolling through Chicago’s tony Magnificent Mile district; around the same time, 10 juveniles attacked a group of women boarding a Chicago Transit Authority train. Both crimes—called “wilding” in street jargon—were planned weeks before via social media. In other large urban areas like New York, Philadelphia and New Orleans, these “flash mob” melees are happening with increasing frequency.

Where’s the outrage?

[Read more…]

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