[VIDEO] Dana Loesch and Kirsten Powers: Why the Left equates the Tea Party with terrorism

Immoral Equivalency: Tea Party vs. Muslilm Extremists

“Who knew that people who show up with lawn chairs and coolers filled with Capri Sun packs could be so terrifying and intimidating? I guess it is if you fear a limited government and adherence to the constitution…” ~Dana Loesch

Uncle Sam stands next to Ben Franklin and Lady Liberty, who’s waving a “Don’t tread on me” banner. Signs reading “government spending out of control,” “more government = less freedom” and hundreds of American flags dot the crowd of ordinary folks clad in khakis and sun visors.

These hardly seem like the kind of menacing killers who’d set a bomb at the feet of an eight-year-old boy watching a marathon, fly jetliners into buildings, scream “Allah Akbar” as they massacre their co-workers, or elatedly behead a young soldier on a busy London street.
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[VIDEO] Deneen Borelli: Paula Deen the target of race-card politics

Deneen Borelli: Race-card politics

First, the Food Network boots Paula Deen; then Smithfield Foods—you know, those pork purveyors now owned by the ever-sensitive Chinese. Word is, QVC is next up to kick the queen of southern cooking to the side of the road.

Her unforgivable sin? Admitting to using racial epithets in her distant past.
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[VIDEO] Silent no more: The ascension of black conservatives

Stacy Washington: Townhall.com columnist

“Language matters: when you hyphenate yourself, you don’t focus on the fact that we are people, we’re human—that you are American. The Left uses the hyphenation to separate you.”  ~ David Webb, Sirius XM radio host

Nothing rankles the left more than a minority who doesn’t follow the liberal creed. They fear them; they hate them. Last week, Sean Hannity facilitated a forum of prominent black conservative writers, Tea Party activists, academics, religious leaders, and media personalities to discuss the challenges of sharing the values of limited government and unified American identity to a community ostensibly owned by the Democratic Party.
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The outrage of moral hypocrisy: The roasting of Paula Deen

Paula Deen/Johnny Depp at Tonto
I don’t know if Paula Deen is a bigot; I don’t know what racial or ethnic animus she holds in her heart. But whatever the truth may be, perception is everything and Paula Deen, queen of Southern cuisine, is cooked.

Today the Food Network ditched her in response to her recent court deposition acknowledging she had used a racial slur “a very long time” ago. She also released an apology video, literally begging for forgiveness for her ‘inappropriate, hurtful language.”
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[VIDEO] Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin scorch the old media

Michelle Malkin: MSM biasThey are small people inhabiting a small small world. Today’s virtual Lilliputians—the mainstream media—continue to insist that they are the singular voice of news, reason and measured insights.

They aren’t. In fact, they are deluded and at times even corrupt on several critical measures: They neither represent nor respect most Americans. They also, shall I say, struggle with honesty.
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