[VIDEOS] MSNBC’s Harris-Perry hits the wacko jackpot: Tampon earrings and Detroit’s “small government” woes

Melissa Harris-Perry: tampon earrings


Yes, we already know that MSNBC is a cultural train wreck: A place where the network’s major “talent,” plucked from a musty sociology classroom or the local pub, shriek that “Chicago” and “IRS” are racist code words. A place where these same hosts deem it reasonable to throw bags of feces, urine and used tampons at Texas legislators voting for new abortion restrictions.
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What Obama should (but never will) say about the Zimmerman verdict

New York Zimmerman protest
To America haters, race hustlers, celebrity ass clowns and their compliant allies in the media, George Zimmerman’s acquittal proves it is open season on young black men. In their world it is forever 1955—Rosa Parks decides to sit in the front of her Montgomery bus; the horror of Emmett Till’s brutal murder painfully fresh.

Perversely, they delight in the image of a nation where white privilege reigns over a subjugated black and brown minority. Forget that it’s not even true. The race-baiters want us to hate one another; fomenting rage in the already discontented African-American community.
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[VIDEOS] “Free the People” conference: American exceptionalism, one person at a time

Deneen Borelli: FreedomWorks "Free the People"

“I feel, without a shadow of a doubt, that outside of the Bible, the greatest two documents that have ever been penned are the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence.”  ~ Rafael Cruz

FreedomWorks unnerves the gluttonous political establishment that has spent decades devouring American taxpayers. It’s easy to see why. Established in 1984, the organization’s mission to mobilize citizen activists to fight for smaller, smarter government was pivotal to the Tea Party ascendency several years ago.
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Barack Obama: Leftist hate brigade’s sponsor-in-chief

Barack Obama: Hate sponsor-in-chief

Hate needs a sponsor to thrive. On the American left, that person is Barack Obama.

Following the Supreme Court decision overturning parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Justice Clarence Thomas was called an “Uncle Tom” by a Minnesota Democratic politician and accused of being a Holocaust-Enabling, Hitler-Loving Jew by MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson. On the same day, self-described “liberals” hurled countless vile racial slurs at Thomas on Twitter, YouTube and throughout social media:

“May Clarence Thomas burn in white Hell.”
“Clarence Thomas is the true definition of a N****R.”
“Clarence Thomas is such a F***king Uncle Tom. Ashy N***ga.”
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