[VIDEO] Monica Crowley and Michelle Malkin crush Left’s demagoguery of Chris Lane murder

Michelle Malkin ~ Oklahoma Murder
Australian college student Chris Lane was jogging through his girlfriend’s neighborhood in Duncan, Oklahoma last week when he was murdered—shot in the back at point blank range—by three self-described “bored” teenagers who literally hunted him down “for the fun of it.”

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Occupy Big Mac: SEIU’s fast food abomination

Fast food walkoutBy closing time, your feet throb. The smell of pepperoni and tomato sauce—or grease, onions, hamburgers, fried chicken—soaks into your pores, your clothes; even your car after working 12-hour shifts in front of 500 degree ovens. Your status and intellect is often dismissed as insignificant—if you’re even acknowledged at all.

I know. I literally grew up in fast food nation.
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Celebrating the new face of conservatism

New Face of ConservatismA year ago today was the first day of Flyover Culture. I left my longtime job as a communications professional to do what I said over and over again I wanted to do: Talk about cultural and political issues from a conservative perspective without bias, without condescension; representing the true depth and diversity of Flyover Americans rarely acknowledged in popular culture.
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[VIDEO] Young teen beaten on school bus: Does this victim look like your son, Mr. President?

Gulfport, FL school bus beating

Travyon Martin’s hoodie defines race in America today. Don’t believe me?

Ask an impeachable authority—none other than the esteemed Smithsonian Institution, which wants to display the sweatshirt at its National Museum of African American History and Culture. Director Lonnie Bunch says the hoodie is significant “because it’s such a symbol, it would allow you to talk about race in the age of Obama.”
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[VIDEO] Who’s cowering now? Rangel hides after black conservatives call out racism

Niger Innis

It’s happening—finally! A new brand of feisty conservatives are speaking up, calling out the lies and taking the fight directly to the feet of the liberal establishment.

Like a kicked dog, for too long conservative leaders have reflexively cowered, denied and apologized for the accusations of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia—you name it—hurled relentlessly by the left. No matter if the attacks are true; no matter if it’s relevant, the hits just keep on coming, and because of a complicit media, they often land into the public consciousness.
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