Mr. Cruz goes to Washington: “Lost causes…are the only causes worth fighting for”

Mr. Cruz Goes to Washington
Chris Matthews calls him a demagogue, Joe McCarthy—even a terrorist! He’s mocked by liberal buffoons with little conviction and even less intellect.

It won’t work, say the lions of the right; a self-aggrandizing move by an overly ambitious freshman Senator. It’ll make the GOP LOOK BAD.
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Navy Yard shooting: The leftist ghouls are just getting started

Getty Images

Getty Images

Well, you knew this was going to happen.

Twelve bodies were still lying on the floor of the Navy Yard cafeteria and the blood-feasting demagogues gleefully pounced: Has-been “Happy Days” actor Henry Winkler, Senators Diane Feinstein and Richard Blumenthal, Piers I-make-Brits-look-like-bitchy-little-girls Morgan—even our cold fish President who dismissively sniped about “yet another mass shooting” before launching into a tone-deaf partisan attack on Republicans.
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Pass the Torch PAC: Millennials spreading the conservative message

Sarah Ponn ~

Ronald Reagan presciently warned that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

That is why we need to wake up. Fast. If you look around, a sizable majority of America’s millennial generation—adults under age 30—aren’t so enamored with freedom these days. Truth be told, for many, the principles of limited government, personal responsibility and individual liberty are perceived as antiquated bygones of their grandparents’ era. Pop culture and social issues loom much larger than the bread-and-butter concerns of their forebears.
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A baby dies in Brooklyn while America sleeps

Brooklyn toddler shooting
Sixteen-month-old Antiq Hennis is dead—shot in the head last Sunday while sitting in his stroller on a Brooklyn street.

There will be no parade. You won’t see politicians, pop stars and college kids wearing “I am Antiq” t-shirts; you won’t hear anything at all from Sharpton, Jackson, the race-baiters at MSNBC—not even Oprah, who’s too busy griping about Swiss store clerks to notice. Sandra Fluke’s bruised feelings merited a phone call from the President. Antiq’s homicide will not.
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Chemical weapons expert: Bombing Syrian stockpiles may cause environmental disaster

Syrian chemical attack

Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed this past weekend that sarin gas was used in the recent Syrian chemical weapons attack. Moreover, a leaked French intelligence report indicates that President Bashar Assad has stored more than 1,000 tons more of the poison gas.

As President Obama is pushing for Congress to approve air strikes on Assad’s chemical stockpile, little has been said about the ecological disaster that could result from releasing these toxins into the atmosphere. Retired Lt. Colonel Robert Gray is an authority on chemical weapons defense and the use of improvised chemical munitions. His reasoned, methodical analysis of the potential impact on the people and environment is striking in its horror. May those in power take note.

By Robert B. Gray, LTC USA (retired)

With the President announcing his plans to attack Syria’s Chemical weapons storage and manufacturing sites, I pulled out some of my old Chemical Weapons manuals, reviewed wind patterns and checked on the locations of the sites. Following are my conclusions as to the feasibility of the plan to safely destroy the chemicals and the impact of the plan as announced.
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