[VIDEO SPECIAL] Charles Krauthammer: A life that matters

Charles Krauthammer ~ Things That Matter
Charles Krauthammer may be in a wheelchair, but he is hardly handicapped.

Despite a devastating spinal cord injury during his first year studying psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, he not only continued his studies while lying completely immobilized in the hospital, he graduated on time near the top of his class.
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[VIDEO] Dr. Ben Carson: It’s time to put government in its place

Ben Carson ~ Value Voters  Summit

Whatever Dr. Ben Carson does, he does best.

  • He grew up poor, raised by a single mom who instilled in him the values of faith, education and hard work.
  • In 1994, Dr. Carson and his wife Candy established the “Carson Scholars Fund” providing scholarships for promising at-risk students.
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[Photo Gallery] Million Vet March: Mr. President, tear down this wall!

Images of 90-year-old World War II heroes barricaded from accessing THEIR memorial made Americans angry. Hearing that the families of our fallen soldiers and Marines were denied the funds to bury their sons and daughters made Americans angry.

No one, however, is angrier than those who served in our military. In response to the spiteful disrespect from the White House, veterans hastily planned an October 13th protest in Washington, D.C. with little promotion and virtually no press.
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