[VIDEO] FRIDAY NIGHT RIGHTS: Leftists panic; conservatives strike back

Laura Ingraham: Desperate Leftists

Laura Ingraham: Desperate Leftists

The left is desperate.

The stagnant, stalled economy has resulted in a third of adult Americans unemployed. Obamacare doesn’t work from the disastrous website, patients losing doctors and plans by the millions, and a net result of more uninsured than before the rollout. As technology enables images of babies at earlier gestational ages in their mothers’ wombs, more people renounce late-term abortions. [Read more…]

[VIDEO] FRIDAY NIGHT RIGHTS: Leftist incompetence, intolerance, and corruption

Brit Hume ~ Planned Parenthood

It’s January. In much of the country, it’s also cold and snowy. VERY VERY cold.

What better way to warm your soul and brighten your mood than to watch conservative thinkers socking it to the left? No whitewashing mealy-mouthed disingenuous mainstream hacks here, nosiree! [Read more…]

Target drops employee health care: Welcome to Obama’s America

See Yourself Here ~ Target Corporation

Photo: Target Stores

Welcome to Obama’s America.

Dan, age 26, did what he was supposed to do. Honors college, double major — worked in the Geology department and earned several achievement awards before graduating and pursuing a master’s program. [Read more…]

FRIDAY NIGHT RIGHTS: RightSightings weekly video mash

Jeanine Pirro ~ I want a President

Sharp, snarky, smart and conservative. All in one place.

RightSightings is introducing a weekly video compilation that is both commanding and comical, witty and weighty. Hume. Krauthammer. Pavlich. Ingraham. Miller (and Miller). Shapiro. Will. Gutfeld. Borelli. McGuirk. Pirro…and more conservatives speaking truth to power. [Read more…]

OnMessage: Patient-centered healthcare. The conservative plan


Conservative Healthcare Plan
The left is good at one thing: messaging. They understand that if a phrase is repeated enough it gets embedded into the public consciousness. Often dishonest, usually demagogic, this rank sloganeering does the trick in convincing the willing or oblivious.

It Shouldn’t Be Harder to Vote Than to Buy a Gun. Healthcare is a Right, Not a Privilege. Less Government Means More Corporate Power. 45,000 Americans Die Every Year for Lack of Healthcare. [Read more…]

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