[VIDEO] FRIDAY NIGHT RIGHTS: Obama’s abuse of power — where does it all end?

Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro

It’s not easy in Flyover America. Too many of us can’t find work or are stuck in part-time jobs. Thanks to the bloated Obamacare bureaucracy, health insurance costs are skyrocketing while benefits and access to quality care dribbles away. Privacy is an arcane concept — from invasive searches at airports, to NSA surveillance and the IRS digging into tax records for political retribution. [Read more…]

[VIDEO] FRIDAY NIGHT RIGHTS: Obama vs. the Constitution

Ben Carson: Obama's contempt

Ben Carson

Barack Obama follows the U.S. Constitution when it serves him. When inconvenient (such as leaving the legislating to Congress or honoring the Second Amendment), he disregards, disdains, and summarily annuls those sections he finds disagreeable. But don’t take my word for it. [Read more…]

[VIDEO] FRIDAY NIGHT RIGHTS: Obama’s war against the truth

Andrea Tantaros: President Obama doesn't care!

Andrea Tantaros: President Obama doesn’t care!

It is alarming to have the leader of the free world look directly into the eyes of 100 million Americans and lie repeatedly, as Barack Obama did in his Superbowl interview with Bill O’Reilly. Yet he never flinched.

And neither will patriotic Americans, both weary and furious at the deflections, denials and duplicity of this administration and their complicit mouthpieces… [Read more…]

Go fly a kite: Obamacare’s death of the working schlub

Death of the working schlub

To the leftist elite, we are Willy Loman — “Death of a Salesman’s” hapless everyman clinging to the myth of the American Dream — exploited, weary, and woefully embittered when the promise proves false.

How they pity our lot in life, sweating day in and day out for a nebulous reward. Such a drag. But now, we don’t have to worry anymore, thanks to the wonders of Obamacare! [Read more…]

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