[MUSIC/VIDEO] Kate Smith and the 4th of July: God Bless America!

Kate Smith. 4th of July.

Grab a Kleenex…

God Bless America

God Bless America

[VIDEO] Laura Ingraham slams Obama-Holder racial politics

Laura Ingraham: Obama-Holder Race-baiting

The Obama administration is at it again: Creating a moral equivalency between thugs who toss Molotov cocktails, shoot, vandalize and loot and with the police protecting the peace in Ferguson, Missouri.

Adding fuel to the out-of-control firestorm following the shooting death in the St. Louis suburb of 18-year-old Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, Attorney General Eric Holder is going down to the city. As if the DOJ’s 40 FBI AGENTS (yes, you read that correctly) already on site aren’t sufficient?!

And we’re supposed to think that the DOJ and White House are unbiased? [Read more…]

Dana Loesch smashes leftist lies about Tea Party

Dana Loesch ~ Tea Party
What’s a liberal to do when the facts just aren’t on their side?

Lie. Smear. Accuse. Seems to be endemic to the leftist creed these days. Say it, repeat it and people — at least enough — will start believing. And it certainly helps when the mainstream media act as willing propagandists, spreading dishonest stories to sully the reputation of their political and cultural adversaries. [Read more…]

Conservatives united: Tea partiers, RINOS and wacko birds, oh my

Conservatives, one and all
Since Barack Obama’s reelection last year, the well-crafted lie of the leftist utopia has been unmasked. As conservatives, this is our opportunity. Let’s not blow it.

Sure, small-government Americans are angry and weary. We have plenty of reason to be. For more than a generation, we’ve been painted as antiquated unsophisticated intolerant dunderheads who loathe women-blacks-gays-hispanics-poor people-hungry children. Eyes roll when we publicly embrace faith and patriotism. Assassinations and mass killings committed by deranged lunatics, Islamists and avowed Marxists get blamed on US.
[Read more…]

True Grit: Giving thanks to our original Americans

Native American VeteransMany in our country worry narcissism and greed are submerging our culture; that the integrity of our ancestors is becoming a relic of a bygone era.

Sound familiar? This has happened to our fellow Americans before — at a much graver cost. [Read more…]

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