[MUSIC/VIDEO] Kate Smith and the 4th of July: God Bless America!

Kate Smith. 4th of July.

Grab a Kleenex…

God Bless America

God Bless America

RightSounds: Dennis Prager welcomes new American

RightSounds LOGOTalking memes?!  Hear the voices behind the quotes.
Right thinkers. Right here. Right now.

Dennis Prager ~ New Americans

The most powerful argument supporting a strong, fair and consistent immigration policy is listening to an immigrant. A LEGAL immigrant who grew up embracing the values of hard work, American Exceptionalism and becomes the best of who we are.

Meet Christian. [Read more…]

Cliven Bundy: Snooki in a cowboy hat

David Webb ~ Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy is the left’s new best friend. His offensive comments about black Americans and lust for publicity has essentially depleted the very real claim of government land-grabbing. But let’s be honest. Some conservatives made him out to be an unsung hero — and that was their undoing. [Read more…]

Target drops employee health care: Welcome to Obama’s America

See Yourself Here ~ Target Corporation

Photo: Target Stores

Welcome to Obama’s America.

Dan, age 26, did what he was supposed to do. Honors college, double major — worked in the Geology department and earned several achievement awards before graduating and pursuing a master’s program. [Read more…]

True Grit: Giving thanks to our original Americans

Native American VeteransMany in our country worry narcissism and greed are submerging our culture; that the integrity of our ancestors is becoming a relic of a bygone era.

Sound familiar? This has happened to our fellow Americans before — at a much graver cost. [Read more…]

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