#HASHTAGPOLITICS: The Fluking of America

Our nation is more than $16 trillion in debt. With stubbornly high unemployment, 23 million Americans are out of work while millions more settle for part-time jobs; half of college graduates can’t find work at all and are moving back in with their parents. Nearly a quarter of homeowners are underwater with their mortgages. The Middle East is in a free fall, Iran is fast-tracking its nuclear capability and instead of Al Qaeda being on the run, they are killing our ambassadors and grooming more terrorists. Medicare is going broke yet it is being pillaged to help fund Obamacare.

Regardless of political leanings, reasonable people can agree that we need a serious dialogue on how to confront America’s myriad challenges. Instead what are we getting—particularly from the supporters of President Obama—are fabricated fripperies irresponsibly disseminated in the mainstream media, instant websites, memes, Twitter hashtags, and Facebook pages. Vile comments and images are spreading like maggots on roadkill. Call it the Fluking of America.
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Friday Meme Monitor: Big Bird Edition

Just when you think it couldn’t get any uglier, the left’s rancor and full-throated hysteria in the final weeks of the presidential campaign is leaving many of us numb. Rather than respond in a like manner, we will keep our heads and humor respectful.  Go for it, Big Bird!

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