It’s (still) a wonderful life


Hollywood and their toadies in media and politics agree that “old-fashioned” values are just that: Old. Add to that cornball, obsolete, narrow-minded and malignantly uncool. Not a day goes by where we aren’t reminded that it’s a new day—a day where all you need to do to be awesomely hip is ridicule all those who go to church, listen to talk radio and, God forbid, identify themselves as conservative.

It’s so fun to be a member of the cool crowd, or as writer and Fox News host Greg Gutfeld calls the “tolerati.” You can get away with being a jerk and bigot while simultaneously accusing your target of being a racist. View the Matthews-Maddow-Bashir-O’Donnell-Sharpton cabal at MSNBC and you’ll see a loathing of traditional American principles that would shock our parents’ and grandparents’ generation. [Read more…]

Connecticut school massacre: Mourn the victims, stop the politics

They just need to shut up. The bodies of more than two dozen teachers and young children were still lying in pools of blood on the classroom floors of Sandy Hook Elementary, yet the special interest flacks, pundits and psycho-babblers descended like vultures on carrion. The gun-control zealots. The pro-Second Amendment advocates. The mental health experts. The we’re-going-to-Hell-in-a-hand-basket crowd.

There will be plenty of time to debate; there will be plenty of time to navel-gaze and ask why these horrific mass murders seem to be happening with alarming frequency. Not now. Not while the presents of the dead are still sitting wrapped under their Christmas trees, never to be opened. [Read more…]

Look for the union libel: The real reason big labor hates right-to-work

Oops: MEA member misspells Gov. Snyder's name during Lansing protest. (photo:Michael Moon)

Oops: MEA member misspells Gov. Snyder’s name
during Lansing protest. (photo: Michael Moon)

An Italian immigrant, Salvatore worked 12 hours a days in waist-deep rancid water, the air fetid and filthy. Any day could be his last: Cave-ins and poisonous gas explosions commonly crushed the shafts carved into the West Virginia hillside. The pay was scarcely enough to feed his family. The squalid company-owned housing was worse. When he contracted a bacterial infection that eventually killed him, his older sons, ages 12 and 8, headed into the mines each day to support their mother and five siblings.

To the mining company, my grandfather Salvatore Quattrocchi was expendable. For his kids and millions of others in the mid-20th Century, however, their fight for fair wages and safe workplaces provided a pathway to the American dream. Unions helped make it happen. [Read more…]

WEEKLY MEME MASH: Great quotes by great folks

In their chosen field, they were and are among the greatest minds in government, literature, entertainment and academia: Lincoln, Sowell, Churchill, Marx (Groucho, that is), Twain, TR and FDR, Kennedy, Rice, Wayne, Reagan, Thatcher, Paine, and Franklin.

Sixteen images displaying their words on politics, American moxie and yes, even stupidity. Nobody says it better.


Churchill on prosperity

Groucho Marx on politics [Read more…]

Bah, humbug on “Holiday trees.” Americans love Christmas

Rhode Island caroler flash mob ~ AP photo
Rhode Island caroler flash mob ~ AP photo

You know it’s a dark day when Charlie Brown is under attack. The same crowd that breaks into a cold sweat by the mere sight of Santa is trekking out their annual tradition of filing lawsuits and lamenting how public displays of baby Jesus and Christmas trees, Irving Berlin sing-a-longs, and now a voluntary class trip to see “A Charlie Brown Christmas” hurts their delicate sensibilities.

As the aforementioned Peanut would say—good grief.

[Read more…]

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