Smart. Savvy. Honest. Conservative


The days of being defined by progressive elites stop when we speak up. So that’s exactly what we do.

Leave the old media behind as we celebrate the culture representing the great North American expanse called flyover country. Stereotypes be damned—we explore American values and conservative policies honestly, accurately and free of insular, patronizing leftist bias.

We don’t live in any particular State, though we do share a common state of being. We represent some of our nation’s greatest innovators, artists and thinkers, yet we are derided as intolerant rubes by Hollywood and mainstream media. Nothing could be further from the truth: multi-ethnic and multi-faceted, we live in large urban centers, suburbs, exurbs, small towns, and no towns at all.

Welcome to the rest of America: Our politics. Our culture. Our points of view.

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