Rolling Stone calls the song “I’m Dreaming”  “swooning, lyrically wicked.” “Blistering,” crows the “Huffington Post.”  We say it’s dreadful—lyrically, melodically, vocally, and politically.

Randy Newman, the erstwhile has-been singer-songwriter whose career peaked with the 1977 song, “Short People” is looking to make a political statement via his gift. “I’m Dreaming” mocks Republicans as hate-filled Neanderthals who oppose the reelection of Barack Obama simply because he is African-American.

Just how bad is it? It includes lyrics like “He won’t be the brightest, perhaps, but he’ll be the whitest, and I’ll vote for that.”  No, he is not talking about Joe Biden.

You got to give it to Randy. It is so utterly awful you’ll feel pity rather than offended.