Leave the shrieking to Maddow and Matthews, the scurrilous accusations to Maher, Media Matters, Bashir, The New York Times, and the slobbering Obama acolytes. The demagoguery they spew painting conservatives as a racist band of dying white brothers may assuage their hate-mongering base but will do little to inspire the hearts and minds of our great nation.

That challenge is best left to those whose ideals expand beyond pandering to the chosen few. And contrary to conventional wisdom, the individuals who respect the intelligence and values of the American people are not progressives, liberals or leftists; they are independents, libertarians and conservatives.

Starting today, we are sharing the words of today’s most intuitive thinkers, whether they be writers, commentators, business or military leaders, academics, or in the political arena. They are young, middle-aged and elderly, male and female; gay, heterosexual, black, Latino and white. In other words, Americans. All of us.

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