Barack Obama’s hubris is legendary; his acolytes an obedient army of foot soldiers willing to attack the motives, reputation, even the age and ethnicity of anyone who dare criticize. Disagree with this White House and you will be accused of being a racist, idiot, old-white-fool, or if you’re really lucky, all three. The arrogance has reached a new level when liberal journalists and former Clinton Administration aides incite the wrath of Obama—just ask Bob Woodward, Lanny Davis and National Journal Editor Ron Fournier.

Those of us right-of-center are used to the smears. But since we’re never ones to be skittish, we have plenty in our ranks that are smart, sassy and say it as it is. As for the so-called “lack of diversity” of American conservatives, well, that’s hogwash: Malkin to Gutfeld, Ailes to Ingraham, Elder, Loesch, Miller, and Tantaros. A Colonel and a Judge, and the Goldberg twins (metaphorically speaking, that is).

Each and every one of them, in their own words, grinding the gears of the intolerant Left…

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Dennis Miller: Our President, the grifter

Laura Ingraham: Obama's self-regard

Bernard Goldberg: Obama's class warfare

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Redistribution of wealth myth

Andrea Tantaros: The real "war on women"

Larry Elder: Liberal Kryponite

Dana Loesch: Obama's lapdog media