Deneen Borelli: Eric Holder
The corrupt—even criminal—activities rife in the Obama Administration has panicked its staunchest defenders.

Forget the comparisons to Watergate or even to classic TV sitcom’s “I know nothing; I see nothing” Hans Schultz. Oh so yesterday. The triage of scandals, which initially stunned Democrats and Obama apologists into uncharacteristic silence, has since been re-branded to be something quite different than it actually is. For this, they owe Groucho Marx a debt of gratitude.

Lying and cover-ups regarding Benghazi; stomping on the First Amendment; the IRS criminally targeting American citizens? Time to roll out the “Groucho Defense:” Who are you going to believe, me are your lying eyes?

Using social media and their obedient lackeys in the press, the Administration’s strategy is to obfuscate, deny and out-and-out change the facts. Some might call this clever. The smarter among us call it lying.

This past Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” former White House senior advisor David Plouffe said the IRS intimidation “was not a political pursuit,” adding “…Are we just going to be obsessed with scandal and trying to score political points, or the American people could not be screaming any more loudly, ‘worry about us.’ ‘Work on the economy.’”

Obfuscate; deny; change the facts.

Enter the counter punches from conservatives. In the following segment from Fox News’ “America’s News HQ,” author and FreedomWorks Outreach Director Deneen Borelli KO’s the dishonest, repetitive “Groucho defense” parroted by Democratic strategist Richard Goodstein. Our eyes ain’t lying:

Video courtesy of RightSightings