New Face of ConservatismA year ago today was the first day of Flyover Culture. I left my longtime job as a communications professional to do what I said over and over again I wanted to do: Talk about cultural and political issues from a conservative perspective without bias, without condescension; representing the true depth and diversity of Flyover Americans rarely acknowledged in popular culture.

I had no logo or budget and no way to stand out from the thousands of other bloggers talking about current events. When I made my first Facebook post, I had two loyal followers—suffice to say that I’m related to both. I was thrilled when we hit 100; I was even more ecstatic when we reached 1,000 FB members!

Today, thanks to all of you and some incredible like-minded conservative activists in the electronic media—the website reaches thousands of people a day—and even more amazing is that our FB page, with 16,000 followers, with more than 706,000 people last week alone viewing our posts!

This is the NEW MEDIA. You, me—all of us. Together; talking, sharing and reacting to the issues that we care so much about. The mainstream media is slowly dying; what replaces it is really up for grabs. Through our articles and images, the videos from Steven Laboe’s, and news and analysis from conservatism’s best, we hope to keep you engaged and informed.

This is our moment folks. Now is the time for us Flyover Americans to take back the megaphone.

Join us as we celebrate the new face of conservatism. One post at a time…