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OnMessage: We Can Do It

Big year, bigger ideas.

Look about you. The massive expansion of liberalism has failed. Our economy has stagnated, looking more like a European social democracy than the ideal of unfettered freedom we cherish. Manufacturing has dried up or moved overseas; great cities like Detroit are morally, economically and physically bankrupt. Internationally, America is neither feared by its foes nor respected by its allies.

Empirical evidence.

Alexis de Tocqueville was right. American Exceptionalism makes us, well, exceptional: Liberty. Individualism. Egalitarianism. The tenets of hard work, charity and aspiring to a higher purpose.

That’s the basis of the conservative ethos, one that has been mischaracterized, maligned, and misunderstood in popular culture. It’s not an anachronism, but it will be if right-thinking folks don’t act.

It’s 2014 — time to take back the narrative. On message: conservatism, exceptionally American.