David Webb ~ Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy is the left’s new best friend. His offensive comments about black Americans and lust for publicity has essentially depleted the very real claim of government land-grabbing. But let’s be honest. Some conservatives made him out to be an unsung hero — and that was their undoing.

What happened in Nevada was about gross government overreach — the Feds gone wild with power — and never ever about a loutish rancher. Moreover, those on the right jumping to defend, parse or explain the 80-year-old’s moronic remarks are taking the bait set out by liberals.

Don’t do it. It’s the issue that matters here. Period.

I am no fan of Mr. Bundy. His camera-whoring has distracted from the Bureau of Land Management’s seizing of Western ranch lands, and the left is loving it. You can bet the Democrats will make him the new conservative poster child. Get ready.

This should be a lesson to us all: Never make a martyr out of individuals, especially one who is unknown and certainly undeserving.

Cliven Bundy is no martyr. He’s Snooki in a cowboy hat.


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