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Dennis Prager ~ New Americans

The most powerful argument supporting a strong, fair and consistent immigration policy is listening to an immigrant. A LEGAL immigrant who grew up embracing the values of hard work, American Exceptionalism and becomes the best of who we are.

Meet Christian.

In a phone call to radio talk show host Dennis Prager last week, he told his story of how he came to this country at age three from Mexico, worked his way through college and up the corporate ladder, and started a family. Next week, Christian will become an American citizen.

“I’ve created a beautiful life because of the equal opportunity in this country,” he said. “And on Wednesday the 18, I will finally get to call this country my own and become a United States citizen. I am so happy and so proud…For the first time, the National Anthem, when I hear it played at a Dodger’s game, will be MY anthem…”

God bless this young American. A man who plays by the rules, works hard, takes care of his family and loves what this great nation offers.

Grab a tissue.