You may have heard the news, then again, you may have not.  Melanie Smith, a 39-year-old mother of two, was murdered this Sunday while attending services at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee by Sudanese immigrant Emanuel Kidega Samson. Seven others were shot and wounded.

Unlike the hysteria surrounding the Charlottesville death of protester Heather Heyer, there’s been eerie silence on the details surrounding her murder. Considering both victims were young women killed by deranged bigots, you would think the outrage would be comparable.

Think again. Heyer was deemed the victim of Trump’s America, driven by racism and white resentment. Smith’s assailant is a black immigrant from Sudan. As his Facebook profile reveals, Samson is engulfed by hatred of white Americans, police officers and Donald Trump. You can bet little will be made of his affection for BLM, black nationalism and alt-left ideology. You can also bet Ms. Smith’s death won’t earn a media-invented hashtag and two-hour livestream of her funeral from Fox News to PBS, CNN and MSNBC.

Outrage merchants will remain silent. Politicians won’t demand repeated rebukes from the White House, late night comics won’t dab away phony tears. The media won’t say much of anything at all. Heather Heyer’s death was useful to leftists looking for a new martyr; Melanie Smith’s murder while leaving Sunday services is simply inconvenient. Therefore, it is invisible.

Look at the Facebook posts below, and you will see what inspired the demonic soul who drove miles to walk into a church to snuff out white people. In his Facebook rantings, he shares links and posts promoting leftist dogma, vilifying law enforcement, and perhaps most chilling, a video by Mic on “white terrorism in the U.S.”

But we won’t forget. Her name was Melanie Smith. And her life mattered.

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