[VIDEO] Benjamin Netanyahu: The enemy of your enemy is your enemy

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Bibi Netanyahu

In his speech before Congress today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did what the mainstream media has failed to do: Reveal Barack Obama for the cynical coward he is.

True, Bibi’s intent was to bring attention to the Iran nuclear negotiations which he and most Israelis fear puts their very existence at risk. He called out the ruthlessness and evil of the Iranian government with a moral clarity we never hear; he praised America’s greatness while our own President prefers to chastise us for getting “on our high horse.” [Read more…]

[VIDEO] Dana Loesch and Kirsten Powers: Why the Left equates the Tea Party with terrorism

Immoral Equivalency: Tea Party vs. Muslilm Extremists

“Who knew that people who show up with lawn chairs and coolers filled with Capri Sun packs could be so terrifying and intimidating? I guess it is if you fear a limited government and adherence to the constitution…” ~Dana Loesch

Uncle Sam stands next to Ben Franklin and Lady Liberty, who’s waving a “Don’t tread on me” banner. Signs reading “government spending out of control,” “more government = less freedom” and hundreds of American flags dot the crowd of ordinary folks clad in khakis and sun visors.

These hardly seem like the kind of menacing killers who’d set a bomb at the feet of an eight-year-old boy watching a marathon, fly jetliners into buildings, scream “Allah Akbar” as they massacre their co-workers, or elatedly behead a young soldier on a busy London street.
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