[VIDEO] Dennis Prager: The Left has contempt for blacks. (Cue Al Sharpton)

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Dennis Prager ~ Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton is a demagogue, racist, anti-Semite, serial liar, rabble-rouser, tax-cheat, cable-news host, and shakedown artist. He also has the blessing of the President of the United States as the Administration’s designated go-to guy on racial issues.

That makes Sharpton a very dangerous man. [Read more…]

[VIDEO] Who’s cowering now? Rangel hides after black conservatives call out racism

Niger Innis

It’s happening—finally! A new brand of feisty conservatives are speaking up, calling out the lies and taking the fight directly to the feet of the liberal establishment.

Like a kicked dog, for too long conservative leaders have reflexively cowered, denied and apologized for the accusations of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia—you name it—hurled relentlessly by the left. No matter if the attacks are true; no matter if it’s relevant, the hits just keep on coming, and because of a complicit media, they often land into the public consciousness.
[Read more…]

Liberal racism: Whacking the leftist myth of pan-cultural compassion

Obama Kool-AidWhat in the hell is going on with the American left?

Over-the-top rhetoric is nothing new in liberal circles; yet lately the tenor has been uglier than usual. Shrill cries from the mainstream press and pundits label traditionalists as “rubes,” or “pale, male and stale,” while their minions, dutifully guzzling the Kool-Aid, are trolling conservative websites shrieking about class, ethnic and gender warfare. [Read more…]

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