You know all that blather about conservatism being the philosophy of dying old white guys? Tell that to the attendees at this past weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Fifty-four percent of attendees were under 25-years-old; less than a quarter over the ripe old age of 40. Rising stars from Marco Rubio and Rand Paul to Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Kelly Ayotte, and Mia Love rocked the message of limited government and American Exceptionalism.

As on cue, the merchants of hate retched slimeballs, calling Dr. Carson a “joke in the black community,” “token,” “negro d’jour,” “oreo” and “Uncle Tom” on social media sites. And unlike the CPAC attendees who roundly denounced a white supremacist who crashed the conference, nary a single leftie has disavowed the racist remarks by American University Professor Deen Freelon and others.

For those who didn’t get a chance to review or watch the speakers, we’ve created a QUOTE MASH of some of the best: West, Rubio, Bush, Love, Carson, Walker, Cruz, and Paul. Enjoy~!

Ben Carson: CPAC 2013

Ted Cruz: CPAC 2013 Keynote Speaker

Mia Love: CPAC 2013

Marco Rubio: CPAC 2013

Allen West: CPAC 2013

Rand Paul: CPAC 2013

Scott Walker: CPAC 2013

Jeb Bush: CPAC 2013