Michelle Malkin: MSM biasThey are small people inhabiting a small small world. Today’s virtual Lilliputians—the mainstream media—continue to insist that they are the singular voice of news, reason and measured insights.

They aren’t. In fact, they are deluded and at times even corrupt on several critical measures: They neither represent nor respect most Americans. They also, shall I say, struggle with honesty.

This past weekend was just another textbook example of their loathing of flyover values. CBS News reporter Elizabeth Palmer compared Iran’s extreme Islamist candidates to the Tea Party.

Did CBS make an apology? Fire Palmer for inflammatory bias?

Of course, we all know the answer. For that reason, it comes as no surprise that the Lilliputian Leftist press grows smaller in stature and influence by the day, replaced by a new, straight-talking media that doesn’t disdain middle-American values.

On Fox News’ “America Live,” Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin scorched the elitist old guard, including CBS’s Scott Pelley. It is a thing of beauty to watch…

Video courtesy of RightSightings