Stacy Washington: columnist

“Language matters: when you hyphenate yourself, you don’t focus on the fact that we are people, we’re human—that you are American. The Left uses the hyphenation to separate you.”  ~ David Webb, Sirius XM radio host

Nothing rankles the left more than a minority who doesn’t follow the liberal creed. They fear them; they hate them. Last week, Sean Hannity facilitated a forum of prominent black conservative writers, Tea Party activists, academics, religious leaders, and media personalities to discuss the challenges of sharing the values of limited government and unified American identity to a community ostensibly owned by the Democratic Party.

Listening to the panel of passionate opinion-leaders, small wonder why the Left so desperately is working to silence and discredit their message. No more. These articulate outliers aren’t backing down, and are taking their argument directly to the leftist race-baiters.

They reject hyphenated Americanism; they love their country, their community. It’s a message that resonates for all Americans, unless, like the progressives, your goal is control and submission.

“Hannity” Special: African-American Conservatives
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