Deneen Borelli: Race-card politics

First, the Food Network boots Paula Deen; then Smithfield Foods—you know, those pork purveyors now owned by the ever-sensitive Chinese. Word is, QVC is next up to kick the queen of southern cooking to the side of the road.

Her unforgivable sin? Admitting to using racial epithets in her distant past.

She didn’t get prosecuted for defaming innocent men in a trumped-up race crime, make vile anti-Jewish, anti-Mormon and anti-gay slurs, and skip out on paying federal income taxes (like Al Sharpton).

No no no. The good Rev. Al is given a pass—in fact, he’s given his own television show! Yessir—in the duplicitous world of Leftist progressives, sin and punishment is relative (depending, of course, if the perp is a low-class “cracker” versus an urban elitist).

Deneen Borelli, Author and FreedomWorks Outreach Director, understands the raging hypocrisy surrounding the Deen controversy. Appearing on “Hannity” with Democrat strategist Jacque DeGraff, Borelli politely but pointedly proved the liberal argument to be trumped up race-card politics. DeGraff didn’t stand a chance…

“We have a celebrity chef who is more responsible for her actions than our chief law enforcement officer of the country, Eric Holder. At least she owned up to it.”
~Deneen Borelli

Video courtesy of RightSightings