Barack Obama: Hate sponsor-in-chief

Hate needs a sponsor to thrive. On the American left, that person is Barack Obama.

Following the Supreme Court decision overturning parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Justice Clarence Thomas was called an “Uncle Tom” by a Minnesota Democratic politician and accused of being a Holocaust-Enabling, Hitler-Loving Jew by MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson. On the same day, self-described “liberals” hurled countless vile racial slurs at Thomas on Twitter, YouTube and throughout social media:

“May Clarence Thomas burn in white Hell.”
“Clarence Thomas is the true definition of a N****R.”
“Clarence Thomas is such a F***king Uncle Tom. Ashy N***ga.”

…Just a day in the life of a conservative who doesn’t fit the Left’s stereotype of Old. White. Christian. Male. It’s open season on demonizing small-government Americans, and it’s getting uglier by the day.

Just last week, President Obama tweeted that “something special is happening in Austin” when an uncontrolled mob physically prevented the Texas Legislature from getting its abortion-limit bill to the Governor’s desk before the summer session closed. Whereas he’s blown off the Benghazi victims’ families, he’s had time to personally console Sandra Fluke when Rush Limbaugh called her a nasty name and congratulate the gay plaintiffs—on live TV, no less—when the Supreme Court remanded California’s Proposition 8. If he had a son, Obama famously said last year, “he’d look like Trayvon” Martin.

Word is, Barack Obama cares. He cares, that is, if you are one of his own: an aggrieved special class or far-left progressive who obediently worships—to quote his mentor Jeremiah Wright—“God damn America” moral relativism.

On the flip side, he’s hardly so loving and, in fact, viscerally dislikes millions of the people he was elected to serve. Belittling the Tea Party, Obama’s called them “tea-baggers,” (a sexually offensive gay slur); scorned rural Americans for clinging “to their guns and religion” and disdainfully characterized white people in his autobiographies. Wealthy folks, the oil and coal industries, gun owners, pro-life Christians, conservatives in general and minority conservatives even more—bad bad bad.

Why does this matter?

It’s simple—people follow their leaders. Barack Obama, for better or worse, is the undisputed leader of contemporary liberalism, so when he foments distrust and dehumanizes a group of citizens, the results can be menacing.

His level of demagoguery stands far and above anything committed by his predecessors in the White House. Historically we’ve had a robust tradition of partisan rivals, who despite their fervent differences, were able keep their radical fringes in check by principled moderation. But no more.

Obama’s barely contained revulsion for political adversaries fuels the vilification of all traditional Americans: The IRS, EPA and Department of Justice surely got the memo; so too have his media propagandists, who deride and attach mal intent to just about everything the cultural right stands for.

And no, this isn’t just another right-wing fantasy. Indeed, facts are stubborn things.

In a just-released Rasmussen poll, 26 percent of Obama supporters identify the Tea Party as the greatest threat to our nation’s security compared to 29 percent who similarly fear Muslim extremists. Think about it. Virtually the same number of liberal Democrats believe that a middle-aged guy dressed up as Ben Franklin waving a “Don’t Tread on Me” banner is more dangerous than the Tsarnaev brothers placing a bomb at the feet of an eight-year-old.

MSNBC has built an entire political network parroting the meme that Republicans and religious (non-Muslim) people are evil. Nary a day goes by where their race-mongering hosts don’t accuse somebody in Red State America of being a Nazi, bigot, anti-woman, xenophobic—or all of the ahove. Yesterday’s hysterical lead story on the MSNBC site is typical: “Ohio Republicans deny women their constitutional rights.”

Traditional marriage: Homophobic bigot. Pro-life: Misogynist. Secure borders: Anti-Latino. Smaller government: You want to starve children. Against Obamacare: Let granny die. Voter ID Laws: Suppress minority voters.

The message is screamingly clear. If you are a conservative, you better shut the ‘eff up or the consequences will be swift, certain and unforgiving.

Celebrity chef Paula Deen, whose career is in a tailspin for admitting she used a racial epithet decades ago, is targeted not because of the language she used—the “N-word” is yawningly common in rap music, popular film and public discourse—but because she is a white Southerner. As a result, anyone taking a measured view of Deen’s situation puts themself directly in the crosshairs of the very intolerant Left. It is even worse if you happen to be African-American, female, or in the case of author Deneen Borelli, both.

*WARNING: OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE*Liberal racists on YouTube

These appalling comments were made in one week on one YouTube video, and, sorry to say, are far more common than are reasoned, respectful disagreements. You can bet Ms. Borelli won’t be getting a sympathetic phone call from the President anytime soon.

More ominous is the specter looming over the George Zimmerman trial. Should he be acquitted in Trayvon Martin’s death and street violence erupts, the blame will rest on race-baiters like Al Sharpton to Hollywood dolts like Roseanne Barr and Jamie Foxx as well as Democrats who’ve exploited this case to score cheap political points. But more than the scores of irresponsible loudmouths, any blood spilled will be on the hands of the hate brigade’s sponsor-in-chief, Barack Obama.