Deneen Borelli: FreedomWorks "Free the People"

“I feel, without a shadow of a doubt, that outside of the Bible, the greatest two documents that have ever been penned are the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence.”  ~ Rafael Cruz

FreedomWorks unnerves the gluttonous political establishment that has spent decades devouring American taxpayers. It’s easy to see why. Established in 1984, the organization’s mission to mobilize citizen activists to fight for smaller, smarter government was pivotal to the Tea Party ascendency several years ago.

More recently the limited-government movement has had to redouble its efforts to regain the momentum lost when the IRS began persecuting conservative groups. FreedomWorks is once again steering the way. Their  “Free the People” conference held last week in Salt Lake City drew more than 15,000 attendees to hear Freedomworks’ own Matt Kibbe and Deneen Borelli as well as Glenn Beck, Mia Love, Rafael Cruz (Ted’s dad), former NAACP official Rev. C.L. Bryant, and others promote the American ideals of freedom and individual empowerment.

…Ideals, so fundamental yet so fragile in today’s political culture, that inspire the patriot in us to act. In a word: WOW!

“I am so proud to be an American. We live in the greatest country on the face of the earth. That is why I feel so offended when our president goes around the world apologizing for America and negating our American exceptionalism.” ~Rafael Cruz

“In America, there are two choices: Dependence. Independence. I choose to be independent.” ~Deneen Borelli

“I know that my parents, your parents, your ancestors—maybe even you—didn’t come to the United States of America for ‘easier.’ You came here to be free.” ~Mia Love