Charles Krauthammer ~ Things That Matter
Charles Krauthammer may be in a wheelchair, but he is hardly handicapped.

Despite a devastating spinal cord injury during his first year studying psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, he not only continued his studies while lying completely immobilized in the hospital, he graduated on time near the top of his class.

“I made one promise to myself on day one,” he said. “I was not going to allow [the injury] to alter my life…On the big things in life, the direction of my life, what I was going to do—that wouldn’t change at all.”

This is the man profiled in Bret Baier’s Fox News special, “A Life that Matters;” a gifted psychiatrist who segued into becoming the most influential political columnist in America today. Intensely private, Krauthammer agreed to do the feature with his Fox News colleague reluctantly, and only as part of the promotion for his new book, “Things that Matter.”

In the 41-minute special, you get a glimpse into a most extraordinary life from an idyllic childhood, fulfilled and happy marriage, and a career that has influenced the political discourse for more than 30 years. He revels in it; that’s clear. But the reason isn’t because he gets to hang with Washington’s rich and powerful.

“In the end everything — all the beautiful, elegant things in life — depend ultimately on getting the politics right.”

The things that matter. Charles Krauthammer gets it.

Courtesy of RightSightings