Andrea Tantaros ~ Obamacare

The Left wins the cultural narrative by attacking first, hard and often. In the Obamacare disaster, they’ve gone to their playbook and are blaming CONSERVATIVES for all that is going awry.

Is it reality? Of course not. Will it work? Not this time.

The liberal farcical blame game would be laughable if not so gravely serious for the millions of Americans victimized by this unprecedented power grab by the Feds. On today’s The Five, bellicose Bob Beckel roared “what are you going to do about poor people who are uninsured?!!!”

Ummm. Medicaid, Bob?

No worries. Despite all the clap-trap about a civil war in the GOP, the conservative hosts were solid in slam-dunking the empty, disingenuous rhetoric from the left:

Dana Perino: “I believe that liberals should apologize to conservatives because we were the ones trying to argue on the merits.”

Greg Gutfeld: “It’s a massacre…The best argument against Obamacare is OBAMACARE!!”

Eric Bolling: “For every one enrollee, 100 people have been thrown off their [health insurance].”

Andrea Tantaros: “Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is saying that the Democrats should run on this…I say, ‘BRING IT ON!”

Conservative disunity? HAH!

Courtesy of RightSightings