Dana Loesch ~ Tea Party
What’s a liberal to do when the facts just aren’t on their side?

Lie. Smear. Accuse. Seems to be endemic to the leftist creed these days. Say it, repeat it and people — at least enough — will start believing. And it certainly helps when the mainstream media act as willing propagandists, spreading dishonest stories to sully the reputation of their political and cultural adversaries.

An honest journalist checks the veracity of any claim. That day is largely gone; today hacks in the press greedily gulp any nugget that confirms their worst perception of conservatives. They becomes even more unhinged when these same Americans organize and become a political force, as the tea party movement has.

From its beginning four years ago, the leftist attack dogs framed the grassroots supporters of the tea party as Klan-lite: anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic. (Tell that to movement leaders like David Webb, Deneen Borelli, Katrina Pierson, Charles Payne, Ted Cruz, and Ben Shapiro).

Here’s the truth: The far-left’s intention had nothing to do with ferreting out facts; their motive was entirely search and destroy.

In 2011, for example, Media Matters, ThinkProgress and the NAACP jointly created the “Tea Party Tracker” to monitor “racism and other forms of extremism” among small-government activists. The trackers scraped the bowels of the internet, seeking out any loon they could connect to the cause. Find a white supremacist and BINGO — they hit the lottery!

The smear merchants reached their zenith with the 2010 Associated Press report that tea partiers publicly screamed racial epithets and spit at members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Sounds horrid, right? Only one problem. THERE IS NO PROOF IT EVER HAPPENED. EVER. Even members of the CBC backed away from the salacious allegations after they were challenged by the late Andrew Breitbart.


Old habits sure die hard, as the leftists are at it again.  On Monday’s “Hannity,” radio talk show host Richard Fowler dug deep into the progressive bag of dirty tricks to say “the tea party has become a bastion for racism.” His proof was citing a fringe white supremacist forum, Stormfront.org, which he claims, “are part of the tea party.”

Pouncing on his accusation, “The Blaze’s” Dana Loesch asked for proof. Yeah, that.

Of course, he had none. But it’s easy to see where he got his talking points. Seems that Fowler, who’s lazy, stupid or disingenuous (or all three), found his “evidence” of goose-stepping tea partiers from an equally lazy, stupid and disingenuous “Huffington Post” column written in October.

What’s this irrefutable proof that both Fowler and HuffPo have linking white supremacists and small government conservatives? ONE post from ONE wacko more than two years ago and that the words “tea party” appear in various Stormfront threads.

Had either the “Huffington Post” writer or Fowler bothered investigating, they would quickly learn that these same neo-Nazis clearly deride and distance themselves from the movement altogether. They hate the “Zionist” and “negrophilia” connections, as they call it; in fact their most current thread on the topic is “The tea party are not WNs (white nationalists).”

Facts. Stubborn, stubborn facts.

Dana Loesch demanded them. Richard Fowler had none. No contest.