Dear young American,

You loved Barack Obama in 2008; you loved him again four years later despite working part-time and drowning in student loan debt. But what the hell. At least you showed just how cool and tolerant you are to your friends!

Now you get to prove it.

Obamacare wants you. Now, pay up. We older, sicker, poorer folks need youngin’s to fund all that ails us.

Why wait?

Oh, right. Millennials need to be courted by celebs and social media messaging to convince them to open their wallets and sign on the dotted line. Ahh, no worries. The Obama administration and Democrats are simpatico, unlike those antiquated “pale, male and stale” conservatives. They get you.

So here ya go. This is exactly what the left thinks of you. A cocoa-sipping onesie clad wussy hipster. Welcome, young America, to your new iconic image: PAJAMA BOY.

Better yet, we’re going to give you better and improved versions of your PJ’d pal. Courtesy of a few snarky conservatives…