Brit Hume ~ Planned Parenthood

It’s January. In much of the country, it’s also cold and snowy. VERY VERY cold.

What better way to warm your soul and brighten your mood than to watch conservative thinkers socking it to the left? No whitewashing mealy-mouthed disingenuous mainstream hacks here, nosiree!

Simply the best: Hume, Bolling, Krauthammer, Gutfeld, Pierson, Hannity, Borelli, Huckabee, Loesch, Strassel, Pirro, Beck. And more.

They don’t wear onesies, sipping cocoa and celebrate the wonders of Obamacare. They do, however, expose leftist incompetence, intolerance and corruption at every turn.

Conservatives ROCK.

Enter Friday Night Rights

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RightSightings: Friday Night Rights