Laura Ingraham: Desperate Leftists
Laura Ingraham: Desperate Leftists

The left is desperate.

The stagnant, stalled economy has resulted in a third of adult Americans unemployed. Obamacare doesn’t work from the disastrous website, patients losing doctors and plans by the millions, and a net result of more uninsured than before the rollout. As technology enables images of babies at earlier gestational ages in their mothers’ wombs, more people renounce late-term abortions.

President Obama and his acolytes are in a panic mode. The reliable tactics of identity politics just aren’t resonating; blaming the right for poverty, bigotry and entrenched cultural problems has grown tired.

Conservatives are now fighting back. And winning.

Not that it has stopped the progressives, of course. Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, caught embellishing her rags-to-riches life story, initially faulted her Republican opponent Greg Abbott — even vaguely mocking his paraplegia. Liberal media pathetically edited the speech of Mike Huckabee to make him sound like a misogynistic Neanderthal. Hardly anyone — not even the goofy, grinning Joe Biden — took the President’s State of the Union address seriously.

Then there’s MSNBC. Once again, the race-baiting network stepped in it, this time tweeting that “right-wingers” would hate a winsome Cheerios Super Bowl ad featuring a bi-racial family. Led by conservative activist Michelle Malkin, social media exploded in outrage, thousands tweeted personal photos with the hashtag, “rightwingbiracialfamily while GOP chair Reince Preibus threatened a Republican boycott of the network. Before the day was out, MSNBC President Phil Griffin issued a formal apology and fired the hapless schmuck who made the offending post.

You can see what’s happening. This time, however, conservatives are all over it: Ingraham. Perino. Borelli. Loudon. Dobbs. Wallace. Cruz. Pirro. Will. Crowley. Pavlich. Bila. Fields. Kennedy. Paul. Gutfeld. Pierson. Stein. Small.

The tide has turned. Watch. Listen. Enjoy: Friday Night Rights.

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