Andrea Tantaros: President Obama doesn't care!
Andrea Tantaros: President Obama doesn’t care!

It is alarming to have the leader of the free world look directly into the eyes of 100 million Americans and lie repeatedly, as Barack Obama did in his Superbowl interview with Bill O’Reilly. Yet he never flinched.

And neither will patriotic Americans, both weary and furious at the deflections, denials and duplicity of this administration and their complicit mouthpieces…

“It’s unseemly for an adult male not to take ownership of what has happened under his watch. It’s embarrassing for the President of the United States.”  ~ Laura Ingraham

We are weary and furious at the blame, the identity politics, the race-baiting…

“The left is about identity politics, judging people, not based on their individuality, but based on which group or ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender they belong to.” ~ Jason Riley

Indeed, we are weary and furious, but equally resolved to stand firm and tell the truth…Ingraham. Tantaros. Riley. Mitchell. West. Hume. Krauthammer. Will. Loesch. Pavlich. Elder. Payne. Stein. Foster. Powers. Loudon. Gutfeld. And good ol’ American football.


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