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A level of savagery not seen since the days of the Nazis and Khmer Rouge, the self-named “Islamic State” (aka ISIS), rapes and kidnaps women, beheads children, crucifies Christians, buries people alive and marches through villages with the heads of murdered victims on pikes.

While the U.S. is air-dropping food provisions to starving refugees and providing small arms to the Kurds, Western leaders are washing their hands of the entire bloody affair. It’s not our fight, they say. It’s not our fight, echo like-minded American liberals — the very same people who gasp in phony horror at Israeli self-defense against Hamas.

Meanwhile, the American mainstream press can’t muster the courage to call ISIS savages “terrorists,” instead opting for more congenial terms like “militants” or “rebels.”

On his radio program yesterday, Dennis Prager noted the irony. Leftists who regularly rail on and on about rare endangered animals are doing NOTHING about the genocide of Christians and other ethnic minorities in the Middle East. Sad.


Dennis Prager ~ Passion on the Left