Let’s be real. Leftists and Never-Trumpers shrieking that the President’s rebuke of white supremacists in Charlottesville wasn’t “strong enough,” and a “failure of leadership” really aren’t that upset. At all.

In fact, their outrage is a lie. A craven, opportunistic lie to shore up their flagging Trump-outrage-of-the-week narrative. Oh, the cabal is still hoping Robert Mueller will come to their rescue with an indictment or two, but short of that what do they have?

Presto: Pasty bigots carrying tiki torches and a dead young woman. A gift from the gods.

Enter the virtue signalers. Within hours, their cups runneth over on social media, cable news, and in columns that were ready to roll just waiting for such a grand opportunity: From Schumer, Pelosi, Auntie Maxine and others on the left to champagne conservatives at the National Review and Weekly Standard butthurt over their irrelevancy. Prepackaged protests with professionally printed signs, websites and marching routes. Pasting Trump to white supremacists was already in the hopper, ready to go at a moment’s notice. It was hardly a spontaneous reaction to a tragedy.

Neo-Nazis and Antifa fight in Charlottesville

They built this: divide, incite, stifle and demonize. The fuse was ready to blast, and in Charlottesville Nazi wannabes and Antifa thugs brought the matches. That individual people get caught in the crossfire is a small price for those attempting to overthrow a sitting president.

Don’t kid yourself, folks. The “Resistance” doesn’t even try to hide it — they want President Trump out at any cost. Deep Staters and their Never Trump acolytes want the same outcome, though they would feel better if it happened while they were on vacation in the Hamptons to keep their hands clean of the carnage.

Charlottesville is just the first skirmish. And the powers behind the soft coup couldn’t be happier.