The world of Linda Sarsour is one of deceit, hypocrisy, intolerance and greed. That makes her the perfect metaphor for today’s American left.

Sarsour is the feminist “Women’s March” leader who embraces Sharia law, the Islamic ideology that advocates domestic abuse and honor killings. She’s an anti-Semitic terror-apologist who touts tolerance. Preaching “love trumps hate,” lovely Linda threatens political adversaries and exploits tragedies to enrich her bank account as well as her activist bona fides.

Now, however, she may have gone too far. With countless Texans reeling from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Sarsour tweeted a link to “donate to the Harvey relief fund.” Only one problem. The money doesn’t go to provide a single victim with food, medicine, clothing or housing assistance; the money instead goes into a community organizing political action committee.

Click on the link “” and you will re-directed to this:

As you can see, the re-routed link is a malevolent ploy to fill the coffers of the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund. A new low? Perhaps, but Sarsour has a track record of feeding off tragedies for personal gain. Earlier this year she raised $80,000 for the victim of a Muslim hate-crime that turned out to be a hoax. As of July, she hasn’t turned over the $100,000 she collected to rebuild a vandalized Jewish cemetery in Colorado.

Chances are Sarsour will escape unscathed to the leftists who have catapulted her into their hijab heroine. She’s an unrepentant America-hating Muslim Marxist with a vagina. So what if she literally steals food from the mouths of babes? To progressives, it’s a small price to pay to further their agenda of fomenting identity divisions over the common good.