[VIDEO] FRIDAY NIGHT RIGHTS: Racism, real and spray-tanned

Deneen Borelli ~ Rachel Dolezal

Deneen Borelli: Rachel Dolezal

In the news this week, race trumped all — with the exception of the Donald, that is. Between the white supremacist murdering nine church-goers in Charleston to the “blackism” charade by NAACP Spokane president Rachel Dolezal, the mood is tense, the country far too divided. Demagoguery runs rampant, with President Obama and Hillary Clinton using the South Carolina tragedy to fan racial animus, scorn American values and push their mantra for more gun control. Both appeared more irritated than mournful, craven versus unifying. Objectively, their cold detachment did nothing to heal the collective heartbreak expressed so eloquently by Dr. Ben Carson, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Rev. Alveda King.

Meanwhile, Donald “P.T. Barnum” Trump brought his bravado to the Republican presidential race. Whatever you may think about his style or substance, he’s certainly entertaining.

Rudy Giuliani: Gun Control

Rudy Giuliani: Gun Control

This week’s edition of Friday Night Rights tackles these topics — and more — with pundits, politicians, a football great, reverend, police chief, and comedian.

Charles Payne, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Larry Elder, Bill O’Reilly, Fran Tarkenton, Brit Hume, Sheriff David Clarke, Kevin Jackson, Deneen Borelli, Bernie Goldberg, Rudy Giuliani, Rev. Alveda King, Pam Geller, Guy Benson, Dana Loesch, Ben Stein, Dana Perino….and the list goes on!

Smart conservatives, smart commentary all in five minutes. What a great way to start your weekend!

RightSightings: Friday Night Rights

Navy Yard shooting: The leftist ghouls are just getting started

Getty Images

Getty Images

Well, you knew this was going to happen.

Twelve bodies were still lying on the floor of the Navy Yard cafeteria and the blood-feasting demagogues gleefully pounced: Has-been “Happy Days” actor Henry Winkler, Senators Diane Feinstein and Richard Blumenthal, Piers I-make-Brits-look-like-bitchy-little-girls Morgan—even our cold fish President who dismissively sniped about “yet another mass shooting” before launching into a tone-deaf partisan attack on Republicans.
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[VIDEO] Monica Crowley and Michelle Malkin crush Left’s demagoguery of Chris Lane murder

Michelle Malkin ~ Oklahoma Murder
Australian college student Chris Lane was jogging through his girlfriend’s neighborhood in Duncan, Oklahoma last week when he was murdered—shot in the back at point blank range—by three self-described “bored” teenagers who literally hunted him down “for the fun of it.”

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Go ahead, make my day: Project Veritas exposes media gun control hypocrites [VIDEO]

Undercover video screensnapWhat? Liberal journalists being exposed as HYPOCRITES?! I know, I know, hard to believe, but…

In late December, The Journal News published an interactive  map  (which has since been removed) along with the names and addresses of law-abiding gun owners in suburban New York City’s Westchester and Rockland counties. Not only were the gun owners incensed for privacy reasons, others–prosecutors, judges, or others who are hiding from stalkers or violent ex-spouses–fear for their safety. [Read more…]

Connecticut school massacre: Mourn the victims, stop the politics



They just need to shut up. The bodies of more than two dozen teachers and young children were still lying in pools of blood on the classroom floors of Sandy Hook Elementary, yet the special interest flacks, pundits and psycho-babblers descended like vultures on carrion. The gun-control zealots. The pro-Second Amendment advocates. The mental health experts. The we’re-going-to-Hell-in-a-hand-basket crowd.

There will be plenty of time to debate; there will be plenty of time to navel-gaze and ask why these horrific mass murders seem to be happening with alarming frequency. Not now. Not while the presents of the dead are still sitting wrapped under their Christmas trees, never to be opened. [Read more…]

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