Michelle Malkin ~ Oklahoma Murder
Australian college student Chris Lane was jogging through his girlfriend’s neighborhood in Duncan, Oklahoma last week when he was murdered—shot in the back at point blank range—by three self-described “bored” teenagers who literally hunted him down “for the fun of it.”

Chris LaneLane’s murder was not a crime of passion. It wasn’t because of a vendetta or even a robbery gone bad.  He was target practice for three very disturbed, remorseless kids whose chilling indifference has shocked the world.

Sad thing is, we shouldn’t be all that shocked. Murder as sport is d’jour  for too many youth in too many American cities, yet when it spreads beyond the urban core it rocks our sensibilities. The cliché “life is cheap” doesn’t begin to describe the cultural depravity metastasizing in America’s underclass, particularly in black neighborhoods where decent families hide behind iron-barred windows in fear.

This isn’t Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. This is far far worse. Yet you won’t see celebrities and liberal politicians donning baseball caps in craven solidarity; you won’t hear cries of racism even though one of the murderers boasted of his hatred of white people on social media.

Up to now, President “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” Obama is silent. Bellicose bellowing Al Sharpton is uncharacteristically quiet. Jesse Jackson tweeted that such savagery should be “frowned upon,” releasing a statement late last night only after understandable outrage over his callous comments.

Chancey Luna, Michael Jones, James Edwards JrWe have a moral crisis in America, but that isn’t what the Left wants to talk about right now. It’s the horrid inconvenient truth that doesn’t advance their victim and/or gun control narrative that they shoehorn into high-profile murder cases. I would say they should be ashamed, but I’m beginning to believe that many of them are simply incapable of that.

Guest hosting for Sean Hannity, Monica Crowley invited Michelle Malkin and liberal talk-show host Richard Fowler to discuss the larger issues leading up to such a heinous crime. Taking his Media Matters talking points to heart, Fowler first compared this killing to the Trayvon Martin case and then blamed Oklahomans and guns, saying “The fact that Oklahoma is a gun friendly state means guns getting in the wrong hands of the wrong people.”

Don’t worry. Monica and Michelle make mincemeat out of the smarmy little dude…

Courtesy of RightSightings