“Where’s the coverage?” Bret Baier slams media blackout on White House secrecy

Bret Baier ~ Where's the coverage?

Affable and ever-polite, Fox News “Special Report” anchor Bret Baier is a class act. Rarely (except for Obama minions Stephanie Cutter and Tommy “dude” Vietor) does he take off the gloves and smack around errant political hacks, even when his mostly conservative audience wishes he would. Yes, he is dogged — he and his team’s reporting on Benghazi has been thorough, tough and unyielding — and he is hardly a partisan tool. [Read more...]

[MUSIC] Kate Smith and the 4th of July: God Bless America!

Yes, we have Kate Smith. You will tear up. Promise.

GOD BLESS AMERICA. My home, sweet home!

[VIDEO] All the same dudes: Benghazi and the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Jeanine Pirro ~ Benghazi

In gleaming bleached smiles, they preened in tuxes and designer evening gowns, hangin’ with the likes of Robert DeNiro and dining as only one-percenters can, on “onion brulee crostini paired with herbed crab cake on white corn fondue.”

As usual, the President, profoundly amused at his own wit, slung petty barbs — guised as “jokes”— at his professed nemeses: [Read more...]

[VIDEOS] Cliven Bundy: Snooki in a cowboy hat

David Webb ~ Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy is the left’s new best friend. His offensive comments about black Americans and lust for publicity has essentially depleted the very real claim of government land-grabbing. But let’s be honest. Some conservatives made him out to be an unsung hero — and that was their undoing. [Read more...]

RightSounds: Dennis Prager warns of McCarthyism in Mozilla CEO resignation

RightSounds LOGO
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Right thinkers. Right here. Right now.

Free speech for conservatives is under attack. From the IRS persecution of Tea Party groups to the recent Leftist mob forcing Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich to resign for a political donation he made six years ago, the message is clear. You will be destroyed if you dare oppose the progressive agenda.  [Read more...]

[VIDEO] FRIDAY NIGHT RIGHTS: Obama’s abuse of power — where does it all end?

Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro

It’s not easy in Flyover America. Too many of us can’t find work or are stuck in part-time jobs. Thanks to the bloated Obamacare bureaucracy, health insurance costs are skyrocketing while benefits and access to quality care dribbles away. Privacy is an arcane concept — from invasive searches at airports, to NSA surveillance and the IRS digging into tax records for political retribution. [Read more...]

[VIDEO] FRIDAY NIGHT RIGHTS: Obama vs. the Constitution

Ben Carson: Obama's contempt

Ben Carson

Barack Obama follows the U.S. Constitution when it serves him. When inconvenient (such as leaving the legislating to Congress or honoring the Second Amendment), he disregards, disdains, and summarily annuls those sections he finds disagreeable. But don’t take my word for it. [Read more...]

[VIDEO] FRIDAY NIGHT RIGHTS: Obama’s war against the truth

Andrea Tantaros: President Obama doesn't care!

Andrea Tantaros: President Obama doesn’t care!

It is alarming to have the leader of the free world look directly into the eyes of 100 million Americans and lie repeatedly, as Barack Obama did in his Superbowl interview with Bill O’Reilly. Yet he never flinched.

And neither will patriotic Americans, both weary and furious at the deflections, denials and duplicity of this administration and their complicit mouthpieces… [Read more...]

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